Mission Statement

We affirm that we aspire to provide equitable opportunities for participation of all members, and that all aspects of the association will be characterized by respect for, inclusion and representation of people from all around maritime industry.

To enhance knowledge, professional practice, education, training, conserving the rights of seafarers and social work. The groups will work to fulfil the needs of all Himachali seafarers by practicing growth enhancing advocacy.

Objectives of Association

1. To be part of the Policy feedback system with the State Government as well as the Ministry of Shipping.

2. To help fellow Himachal Seafarers on any issues pertaining to their Employment.

a. Renewal of any documents as issued by DG Shipping

b. Incase of grievance against Employers, guide the Seafarers.

c. Assist Seafarers in getting all benefits allocated to them by MUI, NUSI or any other Association

d. In case of Stranded Himachali Seafarers, assist his safe Return to home.

3. To protect the rights of Himachal Seafarers when at home or at Sea.

4. To coordinate with Family of Seafarers incase there's an adversity on-board ship or at home.

5. Celebrate National Maritime Day every year.

6. To coordinate with all influential Shipping and Commerce Association for meeting the challenges faced by Seafarers.

7. Analyse regularly the impact on Himachali Seafarers Employment due to Global issues.

8. Be the guiding Force for Himachal Youth to make a career in Merchant Navy.

9. Hold Annual General Body meetings once a year and review the articles of Association.

10. Monthly analysis report on Recruitment and Placement Agencies approved by DG Shipping. Directions of this report are to encourage Employment of RPS Agencies for Himachal Seafarers.

11. Prepare Seafarers for handling Disaster Management with the State Government and serve the State during any Emergency.

12. Encourage Cultural program of Himachal Seafarers with other associations of Himachal.

13. Arrange Top Management Staff of Shipping Companies to visit Himachal Pradesh and address youth in colleges. This is specific to connecting the Best and proven Youth Power of Himachal.

14. Participate in District Level programs in Himachal on Independence Day and Republic Day.

15. To highlight achievements of Himachali Seafarers.